Skip Hire Bristol

Maxi Skip Hire Bristol

Maxi skip hire is a great way to get rid of large amounts of rubbish quickly and easily. You can simply fill up the skip with your unwanted items and then call us to come and collect it. We will then dispose of the rubbish in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Maxi Skip Hire Sizes

 If you’re looking to hire a skip, you may be wondering what size is best for your needs. Maxi skip hire is a great option for a variety of projects, both big and small. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a maxi skip:

Maxi skips can hold a lot of waste. If you’re undertaking a large project, such as a home renovation or office clearance, then a maxi skip will be able to hold all of the waste material. This will save you multiple trips to the dump, and make disposing of your waste much easier.

Some Sizes of maxi skips include:


10 Yard Skip Hire Sizes

The 10-yard maxi skip available for hire in Bristol is the smallest size of this type. It is ideal for clearing clutter in homes or small businesses, as it has a generous volume of 6 feet high, 12 feet long, and 6 feet wide. It is capable of holding 110 trash bags.

Our 10 Yard Maxi Skip Hire Bristol is ideal for storing bulky and heavy trash from shops, home remodeling activities, and construction sites, customized to your specific needs. With its huge size and ample capacity, our skip can easily accommodate a substantial volume of waste.

10 Yard Skip Hire Prices

At Skip Hire Bristol, we strive to provide the most affordable 10 Yard Maxi Skips, and our prices are highly competitive compared with other skip providers in the area. You can easily compare us against other companies to find a skip that is both of high quality and great value for money.

At all times, our highest priority is our clients. We have a selection of Maxi skips, delivered affordably to our clients ranging in price from £– to £—. Once you share your location and length of hire, we can adjust the cost accordingly, making it even more wallet-friendly.


12 Yard Skip Hire Sizes

At Skip Hire Bristol, we prioritise our customers and provide excellent quality skips that are easy on the budget. If a 10-yard maxi hire is not suitable for your needs or you need more space to dispose of the rubbish, then our 12 Yard Maxi Skip is an ideal solution.

The size of a 12-yard maxi skip is significantly larger than that of a 10 yards skip. It is a whopping 13 feet in length, 6.5 feet high and 6 feet wide – ample space for up to 130 black bags worth of waste. This skip hire option is far more extensive than other skips on the market.

12 Yard Skip Hire Prices

At Skip Hire Bristol, we pride ourselves on providing affordable skips for our loyal customers. Our prices range from £— to £—, making us the perfect choice if you’re looking for an easy waste removal service that doesn’t break the bank. Look no further than our economical 12 Yard Skip Hire Bristol; we guarantee your satisfaction!

Our skips are competitively priced, and you are welcome to compare their value with that of other firms in the region. You will find a marked difference in both cost and quality. But rest assured, you can depend on us to deliver an exceptional service that offers great value for money.


14 Yard Skip Hire Sizes

The 14-Yard Skip Size Bristol is a great choice for those who need to store bulky and heavy material in large quantities. It has a volume of 6.5 feet in width, 6.5 feet in height, and 13 feet in length, making it bigger than the 12-Yard Skip Hire option.

The maxi skip size is a great way to store all sorts of materials in the same container. It can hold up to 120-145 bin bags of rubbish, or even more. Yet, if you’re looking for something smaller, you can find 14-yard skip hire with smaller dimensions from several companies. At our Skip Hire Bristol Services, we provide the best services and build long-lasting trust with our customers; money is not our priority. Contact us now and make sure to avoid any unwanted situations!

14 Yard Skip Hire Prices

14 Yard Maxi Skip Hire Bristol is the third biggest skip provider, and you will certainly see a noticeable contrast in prices when reserving with us. Our 14 Yard Skip Hire Leeds offers great value, with the average prices ranging from £— to £—, far more competitive than other companies.

The placement and duration of your skip hire will affect the size you’ll need, but with our services, you’ll receive a £20 discount. Let us help you keep your property clear and tidy with unbeatable prices – taking care of your rubbish and your budget.


16 Yard Skip Hire Sizes

Bristol Skip Hire offers a 16-yard maxi skip size, the second largest available for commercial, entire home renovation, or industrial waste disposal. This larger skip hire is 6 feet wide, 6.5 high, and 13.5 feet long, with a capacity of up to 180 rubbish bags.

Skip Hire Bristol is the most dependable provider of skips in the Leeds area, offering competitive rates to help customers remove their refuse. They are the only ones to trust for your skip hire needs.

16 Yard Skip Hire Prices

At Skip Hire Bristol, we understand that our customers need to get the best return on their investment. Therefore, we have compared our prices with those of other firms in order to display how much better our skips, services, and costs are. We take pride in knowing that people choose us for our excellent skip hire services at competitive prices.

Our 16 Yard Maxi Skip Hire Price Bristol is extremely competitive at £— to £—, which depends upon the size of the skip and duration of hire. To further benefit our clients, we are currently offering a 20% discount on skips for all sizes. Prices may be adjusted according to your location and length of hire, so get in touch and find out how you can benefit from our low-cost skip services today.


18 Yard Skip Hire Sizes

In the United Kingdom, the 18-Yard Skip Size Bristol is the most resilient and durable maxi skip size. With a sizeable volume of 7 feet in height, 6.5 feet in width, and 13.5 feet in length, it can effectively handle large amounts of commercial and industrial waste.

An 18 Yard Maxi Skip is the ideal choice for disposing of debris from commercial construction works. Bristol customers can use these skips to store up to 200 black trash sacks, making trash removal much simpler. Our main priority is to provide our clients with a convenient and straightforward solution.

18 Yard Skip Hire Prices

At Maxi Skip Hire Bristol, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Our largest maxi skip prices start at £—, and can often be lowered by booking one at your desired location. Compare our offers and see for yourself!

Location and time period both affect the price of skip hire. We offer an 18-yard maxi skip service with competitive rates, and are also pleased to provide an additional discount when requested.


Maxi vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison

If you’re trying to choose between maxi and midi skip hire, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about the size of the job. If you have a lot of waste or debris, then a maxi skip is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you have a smaller amount of waste, then a midi skip might be more appropriate. Second, consider the length of time you’ll need the skip for. If you only need it for a short period of time, then a midi skip might be sufficient.

However, if you think you’ll need the skip for an extended period of time, then a maxi skip is probably a better option. Finally, think about where you’ll be placing the skip. If you have space for a largeskip, then go for it! But if space is limited, then a midi skip might be the way to go.

Maxi vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

There are many factors to consider when choosing between maxi and builder skip hire. Both have their own unique benefits that can make or break your project. Here’s a quick comparison of the two skip hire options to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Maxi skips are great for large-scale projects, as they can hold a lot of waste. They’re also perfect for heavy-duty materials, such as concrete and bricks. Builder skips, on the other hand, are better suited for smaller projects. They’re not as big as maxi skips, so they’re easier to maneuver around tight spaces.

When it comes to price, maxi skips tend to be more expensive than builder skips. However, this is usually offset by the fact that they can hold more waste. If you’re on a tight budget, builder skips may be the better option.


Environmentally Friendly

Maxi skip hire is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste. By using a maxi skip, you can avoid sending your waste to landfill and instead have it recycled or reused. This is good for the environment and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


A maxi skip is the largest size of skip bin available and can hold up to 10-12 cubic metres of waste. They are ideal for large home renovation projects, commercial construction site clean-ups, and anywhere else you need to dispose of a large amount of waste.

Safe and Secure

One of the main benefits of maxi skip hire near me is that it is a safe and secure way to dispose of your waste. The skips are designed to be strong and durable, so they can withstand heavy loads. They are also fitted with a locking system to ensure that your waste is kept safe and secure.