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Bristol Skip Hire

Do you want to hire a skip in Bristol? Welcome to the Bristol branch of skip hire service. Our mini to RORO skips is widely used in different rubbish disposal applications. Besides this, we have lockable skips for our customers to keep their waste dry and safe.


If you are clearing out your homes or offices or any other property, even building an extension or renovating, then why not make your job a bit easier to do and save your time, money, and effort by hiring a skip service in Bristol? With highly experienced and professional service representatives on hand to assess your requirements, we have a skip ready to be sent out to you quickly. We offer our skip at low prices and guarantee customers satisfaction. We cover the listed areas of Bristol:


Our company is providing all types of Skips (i.e. Mini, Midi, Builder, Maxi, Roro, Locable Skips) in the local area and also all over the UK since a long time period.

Mini Skip Hire

For those, who do not know about mini skips, these are the smallest sized skip available in the skip hire Bristol. These skips can carry a load of constructional projects, renovations, and demolitions waste or various litter types. These skips are quite useful when you have only a small amount of debris in your home or your other small property. These skips are also beneficial for a surfeit of different industrial and domestic jobs. These skips come in two sizes:

These are eco-friendly and do not require ample space. These skips are sustainable because these skips are recyclable. Mini skips are also used to carry plasterboard waste. Alongside these skips can also be used for larger waste disposal.

Midi Skip Hire

These medium-sized skips are very beneficial in different ways to dispose of waste. These skips can carry an open-topped load of various projects. These skips are used to eliminate the plethora of mixed constructional waste. These have different sizes.

These different sizes of these skips are beneficial for industrial as well as for domestic waste clearance. For internal waste clearance, you can use midi small sized skip, which is four cubic yards and best fit for large disposal of household waste. In Bristol, the use of midi skips for internal clear-outs is drastically increased. For the redecoration of houses, these skips are widely used to remove that debris.

Builder Skip Hire

For a large amount of waste to clear it, builder skips are used to carry that vast amount of garbage. These skips are environment-friendly and take a large amount of trash. These skips are highly versatile because of their different sizes and have significant importance in more significant waste removal projects.

Clients of skip hire for domestic and commercial sites, find these skips spacious enough for the vast majority of projects. Also, these skips are small enough to accommodate a private property. These skips can hold a large amount of waste. But it depends on you that what type of waste you want to fill in it.

Maxi Skip Hire

Maxi skip comes in three different sizes.

These skips are ideal for a big house or big garden clearance project at hand. If you are rebuilding a property, landscaping, or renovating. Or if you started ripping out a kitchen or bathroom, then do not waste your precious time and money by driving to and from a local tip, just call a skip hire Bristol to remove and responsibly recycle your trash. In maxi skip hire, the available sizes for hire are:

These skips are widely used by building trade and for lighter waste on constructional sites.

RORO Skip Hire

RORO skips have a wide range of sizes.

These skips are roll-on & roll-off skips. So that they are flexible in their capacity ranges. These skips have their significance in large projects of garbage removal. These skips have immense dimensions. For hiring these skips, you will require sufficient site access to place them. To store, delivered, and picked up them, they require a large space because these skips have huge sizes. These skips are hired by both domestic and commercial sites waste projects. Because they can accommodate a numerous amount of trash.

Lockable Skip Hire

Skip hire Bristol can provide you security of your waste with lockable skips.These skips offers a high level of security for your waste. Even when you want to left it overnight they offer best security. These are highly versatile. Lockable skips are beneficial in different ways:

So, if you want this skip, don’t hesitate to call us. Just write a simple quote online. Order it and get your delivery. Your waste will be very secure by filling in the lockable skip.


These types of Skip Hire are further explained below with their commonly uses, dimensions, capacity, cost and hiring time period. This can help out you a lot to hire the exact skip according to your requirements and ultimately to save time and money. 

2 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for small DIY projects and small kitchens Clear outs, also for small waste removal tasks.

Dimensions : 5 feet long * 4 feet wide * 3 feet high

Capacity : can hold 20 to 25 black bag bins or 15 wheelbarrows.

Cost : Cheapest in mini skips ran.

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

3 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for small gardens cleanouts and bathroom clearances or other small waste removal tasks.

Dimensions : 6 feet long * 4 feet wide * 3 feet high

Capacity : can hold 25 to 30 black bag bins or 20 wheelbarrows

Cost : available at low price

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

4 Yards Skip

Uses :   Ideal for small kitchen refurbishment and DIY projects, also for business waste disposal projects.

Dimensions :  7 feet long * 5 feet wide * 3 feet high

Capacity : can carry 40 to 50 black bag bins or 30 to 35 wheelbarrows

Cost : Available at low prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

5 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for all refurbishment projects, very convenient for plenty of domestic applications

Dimensions : 7.5 feet long * 5 feet wide * 3.5 feet high

Capacity : can carry 55 to 65 black bag bins or 40 to 45 wheelbarrows

Cost : available at low prices.

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

6 Yards Skip

Uses :  These are small builder skips used in domestic and commercial projects for waste removal.

Dimensions : 10 feet long * 5 feet wide * 4 feet high

Capacity : Can hold about 65 to 75 black bag bins or 50 to 55 wheelbarrows

Cost : Available at affordable prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 days

8 Yards Skip

Uses :  Most popular in enclosed skip types, widely used in building projects or renovations 

Dimensions : 12 feet long * 6 feet wide * 4.5 feet high

Capacity : Can hold up to 75 to 85 black bag bins or 55 to 60 wheelbarrows

Cost : Compare quotes for affordable prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

10 Yards Skip

Uses :  Slightly larger than 8 yards skips, mostly used in construction sites, big refurbishment projects.

Dimensions : 10 feet long * 6 feet wide * 6 feet high

Capacity : Can carry 90 to 100 black bag bins or 65 to 70 wheelbarrows of trash

Cost : Available in affordable prices or compare quotes for price

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

12 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for larger jobs like full house clearance, a whole host of commercial projects

Dimensions : 13 feet long * 6.5 feet wide * 6.5 feet high

Capacity : Can bring 110 to 120 black bag bins or 80 wheelbarrows of trash

Cost : Compare quotes for prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

14 Yards Skip

Uses :  Roll-on & Roll-off skip, used for larger projects on commercial sites to carry bulky waste.

Dimensions : 14 feet long * 7 feet wide * 7 feet high

Capacity : Can bring 140 black bag bins or 90 wheelbarrows of debris

Cost : Compare quotes for an affordable price

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 days

16 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for constructional projects where a numerous amount of waste is produced to dispose of it. 

Dimensions : 14.5 feet long * 7.5 feet wide * 7.5 feet high

Capacity : Can carry 150 to 160 black bag bins or 100 to 120 wheelbarrows of trash 

Cost : Compare quotes for reasonable prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

18 Yards Skip

Uses :  Ideal for significant projects, also used for waste storage due to their large capacity.

Dimensions : 15 feet long * 7.5 feet wide * 7.5 feet high

Capacity : Can carry 180 black bag bins or 140 to 150 wheelbarrows of garbage.

Cost : Available in excellent and affordable prices.

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

20 Yards Skip

Uses :  Used on more important sites, ideal for heavy or mixed waste removal, clean inert, and light active materials.

Dimensions : 15 feet long * 8 feet wide * 7.5 feet high

Capacity : Can carry 200 to 220 black bag bins or 160 to 180 wheelbarrows

Cost : Compare quotes for reasonable prices.

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

25 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for numerous projects of trash removal where a considerable amount of waste is produced..

Dimensions : 20 feet long * 8.5 feet wide * 7.5 feet high

Capacity : Can hold about 240 to 250 black bag bins or up to 200 wheelbarrows

Cost : Compare quotes for best prices

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 days

30 Yards Skip

Uses :  Perfect for industrial and commercial jobs where an extreme amount of trash is produced.

Dimensions : 22 feet long * 8.5 feet wide * 8 feet high

Capacity : Can carry numerous amount of waste, up to 300 black bag bins

Cost : Prices may vary according to different factors 

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

40 Yards Skip

Uses : Largest skips available in the skip hire Bristol, widely used in most significant waste removal projects, to bring heavy and bulky waste.

Dimensions :22 feet long * 8.5 feet wide * 8.5 feet high

Capacity : Can hold up to 400 to 420 black bag bins or 350 wheelbarrows

Cost : Price varies according to location and other factors.

Hiring Period :  7 to 14 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the common questions are asked about our services. These questions are pre-explained to save our clients time as we consider our clients and their time precious.

Skip hire Bristol offers low and affordable prices for the customers. Prices for larger skips and other skips may vary according to their sizes, types, and delivery locations. We made it simple and easy for you to select your desired skip and request a quote. We provide the best services in Bristol to make our customers satisfied.

If you are looking for a cheap skip in Bristol, Skip Hire Bristol gives you excellent services at affordable prices. We have skips for you to hire for your waste management projects. To hire a cheap skip, compare quotes, and get your required skip at your most cost-effective price.

Skip hire Bristol is available for you at any time. We are there for you 24/7. If anyone wants to get any information about our services and prices, do not hesitate to contact us and get all the info anytime or any day. We are available Monday to Sunday, including holidays.

Skip hiring Bristol offers to skip permits for customers to engage their skip. If you want to hire a skip on non-public, don’t worry about skip permit. We will provide you with a skip permit and carry your waste to the waste management system. But some places where skip permit is challenging to get. Skip hire Bristol will not be responsible.

The standard period of hiring a skip is a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days. If you want to hire a skip for more than 14 days or less than seven days, you must have to inform us before placing the order. Hire period for your require period may vary according to the amount of the waste.

We deliver skips in one day or as soon as possible. Here you order us online, there you will get your desired skip on your exact location in only one day. After your work is done, we will collect our skip on the same day. So, no one needs to worry about delivery or collection for the skip.

Some materials are not good for our skips because those materials are dangerous for them. That’s why we do not allow you to put hazardous material in our skips. The hazardous materials like:

· Batteries

· Fridges/ Refrigerators

· Chemicals

· Electrical Items

· Asbestos

· Clinical and medical waste

· E-waste

And other such materials that can damage the skip are not allowed to fill in the skips.


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"Fully recommended because the staff is lovely to speak with them on the phone when I am looking for the skip. The price is excellent. If you are looking for hiring a skip, then this is the best company you will ever find."
Emily Hunt
"Very easy and quick service. Very easy to book our desired skip, and delivery is fantastic. I ordered for the skip in the morning, and after just 2 or 3 hours, they were here the exact place to deliver the skip. Beneficial and professional team. Friendly service. I will use it again."
Julie Robinson
"It is such an excellent service in Bristol. I used many services, but the skip hire Bristol is a unique service for hiring the skip. This is speedy and convenient service. I would like to say that this service became one of the top excellent services in Bristol. "
Morgan Jonathan
"Exceptionally simple and fast assistance. Extremely simple to book ideal skip by this company and conveyance is fabulous. Useful and proficient team provides us with the best possible services. I am strongly recommend this company to others, and enjoy its services. Amicable help."
Jessica Riise